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Roundtable Discussion: After Indiana’s collapse against St. Mary’s, we grade Mike Woodson’s first season and look ahead

Disappointing would be an understatement. Indiana’s season comes to a close after an 82-53 loss in the round of 64 against fifth-seeded St. Mary’s.  To wrap up the season, our guys answer and discuss some of the biggest questions. What went wrong against St. Mary’s? William McDermott: They just looked…

How Indiana’s Race Thompson became one of college basketball’s best ‘glue guys’

On a chilly 2020 February evening in Minneapolis, just about 15 miles west of then-sophomore Race Thompson’s hometown, Indiana was down three to a subpar Minnesota team.  After being subbed in at the 17:50 minute mark in the second half Thompson immediately drained his first shot attempt. Then, something just…