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Juwan Morgan: Big Ten Instagram User of the Year

Juwan Morgan has been undoubtedly the biggest bright spot of this Indiana Basketball season. His development from being a mere role player into one the most important players in the Big Ten has been unprecedented. He's increased his points per game from 7.7 to 16.6 and improved almost every facet of his game. Morgan has done that while also establishing himself as a leader on this Indiana roster that truly needed one.

What has pushed Morgan to this elite status is his wide skill set. Morgan does it all for the Hoosiers, and that's because he can. He fights like a monster for rebounds, forcefully wills in buckets from the post, and he even utilizes his ball handling skills consistently on the perimeter. It all comes together to define an individual that is remarkably talented and versatile.

It also doesn't tell the entire story.

Good college basketball players have physical attributes that allow them to compete with the individuals around you. Great college basketball players bring intangibles that raise them above their competition.

“Mental is to the physical as four is to one.”

It's a sentiment that pushes the best in basketball and it's a sentiment that defines Juwan Morgan.

Morgan's success at Indiana is pushed more by the extent of his mentality than it's his physical skills. A mentality that pushes itself even beyond the court. A mentality that makes him great at more than just basketball. A mentality that makes him the best Instagram user in the Big Ten.

It's a label I don't choose to simply throw out there aimlessly without much thought. There's a lot that goes into this prestigious title. Instagram commenting is a complicated art form. After extensive research, I have determined that it's an art form that Juwan Morgan has ultimately mastered. Here's why:


As a leader for Indiana, it's important that he supports his teammates in any way he can. That includes Instagram. Here we see a fine example of Morgan showing support for Zach McRoberts, a new member of the Instagram community.

In this next example, we see Morgan use the very popular technique of establishing a nickname. Referring to Freddie McSwain Jr. as "McDunkthatball" helps to establish camaraderie between the two. In addition, Morgan takes this opportunity to look out for McSwain's safety. Jumping that high in the air can be dangerous, and Morgan clearly cares about McSwain's health.

Once again, Morgan is found here looking out for McSwain's safety. With some support from former teammate OG Anunoby, the two establish the importance of stretching before dunking early in the morning.

Finally, we take a look at a pivotal comment from OG Anunoby.  Anunoby's concern for the rules of society help to establish a precedent that Morgan has clearly followed.


He might not be a point guard, but Morgan has assisted his teammates left and right on Instagram. Here it's clear that Morgan is simply concerned for the aesthetic of his freshman teammate Justin Smith. In today's society, clothing can provide us with plenty of room for social commentary. Morgan simply doesn't want his teammate to face mockery for wearing a shirt that doesn't fit him properly.

This comment from simply makes sure that Robert Johnson focuses on ball movement. Morgan is always going to make the extra pass to find the open man on offense.

Here Morgan is just looking out for teammate Johnny Jager by providing him a proper warning. Morgan wants to make sure Jager doesn't engage in "nonsense" moving forward, as it is important to stay focused during the season.

Lastly, Morgan is seen trying to make sure his teammate is fully aware of a normal family construct.


Confidence is key for an elite college basketball player. If you want to be the best, you have to believe you're the best. In this example, Morgan clearly expresses his confidence in his athletic ability, ensuring his teammate that he isn't more athletic.

The following example is presented without comment.


Consistency is crucial in college basketball, especially in the Big Ten. You can never have an off night on the floor if you want to be one of the best. Through Instagram we're able to see that Morgan has established a very consistent response to a certain individual's pictures. Morgan provides only a slight variation based on the image.

These are all just a few examples of what makes Morgan such an impressive Instagram user. He is an artist among a world filled with social media nomads and with that in mind, it's only justified to call him the Big Ten's Instagram User of the Year.

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