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Indiana men's soccer in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY -- The Indiana men's soccer team is in Mexico City from March 8-March 16. Josh Eastern, Eddie Cotton, Juan Diego Alvarado and Michael Ramirez are following the team during its time in Mexico.

Each day the crew will have content about their time and what the team is up to. Below will be a running timeline of content created while on the ground in Mexico City. The team will also play two games on Tuesday (3/12) and Thursday (3/14).

Follow along with The Hoosier Network as we take you behind the scenes of Indiana men's soccer's trip in Mexico City.

Friday, March 8

Day one consisted of traveling to Mexico City along with eating a great dinner out on our first night in Mexico City.

Saturday, March 9

The day started off with the team's first training in Mexico City. Check out our photo gallery from the morning session.

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Sunday, March 10

The day once again started off with team training and ended with a walking tour around the heart of Mexico City.

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Monday, March 11

Monday started off with a new setting for training, this time at the American School Foundation in Mexico City. They trained on the American Football field and then met with students at the school.

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Tuesday, March 12

It is finally match day for the Hoosiers in Mexico City. Indiana will play its first match against a Cruz Azul youth team at its training ground. Then the media students will get a tour of ESPN Deportes.

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On this edition of the Quest for Nine Report, Indiana wins its first game over the Cruz Azul U-20 team. Hear from Todd Yeagley, Sean Caulfield and Joe Schmidt.

Wednesday, March 13

Today was recovery day for the team (and media members). It started off with breakfast at the hotel, a game of Settlers of Catan, a trip to TV Azteca, and another stellar dinner. As for the team, they enjoyed a jog through the park and a canal trip as they rested up for Thursday's Mexico City finale vs. UNAM.

Thursday, March 14

Thursday was a big day that started with a visit to UNAM to meet with media students for the sports media students and then finished with the big IU vs. UNAM match at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario.

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Friday, March 15

Our final day in Mexico City consisted of a trip to the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

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**This story will continue to be updated throughout the week**

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