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Halftime Reaction: Indiana leads Eastern Illinois

Welcome back to Memorial Stadium where Indiana currently is leading Eastern Illinois by a score of 35-0. Let’s break it down.

Penix is Calm, collected, and really dang good

Already in the first two quarters, Penix has been able to throw for 14-for-20 for 197 yards and two touchdowns as the redshirt freshman quarterback continues to be an absolute sensation for the Hoosiers offensively. Listen, we knew the guy was good but did we really know he was going to be this good? His patience and poise in the pocket is something many had concerns about coming into the season. However, Penix continues to silence the doubters by debuting a surreal amount of talent.

At the end of the half, offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer subbed in Peyton Ramsey to give Penix some rest. Considering the fact that Ramsey threw a 64-yard touchdown in his first play, I’d bet there is a possibility that the Hoosiers could see Jack Tuttle in the second half of this one.

The defense looks solid

I don’t care what you say, not allowing an opponent to gain a first down in the first quarter of a collegiate Division-I football game is wildly impressive. The defensive line was able to contain the running attack of Eastern Illinois to only 22 yards as the Indiana defense collected six tackles for loss and forced Eastern Illinois to be extremely uncomfortable in the pocket. Quarterback John Brantley threw 4-for-10 for only 30 yards as Eastern Illinois is continuing to struggle offensively.

The most important part? Tackles are being made, something the Hoosiers desperately needed after an abysmal tackling performance against Ball State in week one that resulted in 181 extra yards for the Cardinals.

Receivers need to be more consistent

Don’t get me wrong. IU’s receiving core is fantastic but the drops are popping their ugly head out again. DeBoer has made it very clear in his interest to throw the football, but in order to do that, you need to be consistent in the ability to catch the ball. A Ty Fryfogle drop on a streak route in the first quarter cost the Hoosiers a touchdown on one of their drives.

While that missed touchdown probably won’t play a factor in this one, it could be a huge difference maker in a Big Ten conference game down the road.

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