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What is Minnesota United getting in Mason Toye?

Mason Toye is a raw talent.

This past season I had the opportunity to cover and follow Mason Toye and the rest of the Indiana Men’s Soccer team, and that’s honestly the best way to describe what I saw. Mason Toye is a pure raw talent.

Toye is a raw talent that could legitimately become a star in Major League Soccer.  The key for Toye moving forward will be how the coaching staff in Minnesota will look to develop that talent.

With the seventh pick in the 2018 MLS SuperDraft, Minnesota United selected the former Indiana forward Mason Toye, and in doing so, they made an investment in their future.

After one season in Bloomington, Toye made the decision to go pro after signing a Generation adidas contract with MLS. The decision honestly came as a surprise to me, and that is because of the nature in which Toye plays.

Toye makes everything look easy. His comfort level with some of the most difficult facets of soccer make you forget how talented he actually he is. So, I was originally surprised by the decision.

Now, after going back and watching Toye’s highlights, I regret ever having that doubt.

Mason Toye, as only a freshman, led the Big Ten in goals with 10 and carried Indiana offensively on its way to a National Championship game.

Toye utilized an extremly wide skill-set to find success at Indiana. The goals obviously stood out, but what tends to get underappreciated is his work rate.

Toye was able to find early playing time at one of the top programs in the nation because of how quickly he adjusted to the defensive concepts of head coach Todd Yeagley. Toye used his work rate to help Indiana push an opponents backline into mistakes using a high press.  It’s that quick ability for Toye to learn and adjust which should serve him extremly well moving forward as the youngest player taken in the MLS SuperDraft.

The biggest concern for Toye in the future will be his strength. His biggest flaw came down to hold-up play, and that’s hopefully something that will develop as he gets stronger. It’s also a skill that can be avoided if we see Toye move out wide to more of a wing position rather than a striker.

In addition to the success he had on the field, Toye has a personality that Minnesota fans should grow to love. Toye found the back of the net 10 times this past season, and he followed each goal up with his signature “Milly Rock” dance.

Along with the flair n which Toye showed on the pitch, he also faced every big moment with a great deal of composure. Never scared of the big moment, Toye always understood the value behind his role at this historic program.

With all of this said, there are three skills in which Minnesota United fans should happily look out for with Mason Toye.

Ball Control

Toye always had this unique ability to handle the ball in tight spaces. It’s what helped him overcome defenders that were bigger than him. Specifically, there was no one better at handling the ball by the goal line.  He would consistently carry the ball into the box, blow beyond the left-back in front of him, and set up for a cross right on the edge of goal in a way that always created issues for opposing defenses.


Toye could fly. He used his pace to stretch defenses in a way that made it nearly impossible to play a high-line. He forced the issue and made himself a lethal option on the counter attack.

Clinical Finishing

Toye can put the ball in any corner of the net he wants. It seems as if every time he shoots, he is ‘hold the right bumper in FIFA’ and finessing the ball into the back of the net. No goal was more indicative of that then this free kick goal against Wisconsin that gave the Hoosiers a walk-off victory in the 109th minute.

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